The Vesuvius

With his unmistakable line the Vesuvius encircles and overhangs the gulf in Naples.

As a divinity terrorizes and seduces at the same time. A magnetism able to instigate emotions of all the types.
To climb the great cone, to walk for the rivers consolidated of stream of lava, to cross one of the 9 paths or simply to breathe the air of the Vesuvius is an inevitable experience for the one who decides to visit Naples and Campania.

The National Volcanic  park of the Somma – Vesuvius complex ,  was founded in 1995, it interests a vast area of 8.482 hectares, 13 communes, an area reserves of biosphere of the Unesco and a national forest reserve.
What we can admire today is the fruit of an agreement explosive volcanic activity that 400.000 years ago has forged layer on layer the Vesuvius.
The Somma Mountain the more ancient volcanic area and the Vesuvius, with his crater of 650 m. of diameter, are separate from the Giant’s valley, where the lava castings and the fabulous Plants Pioneer are visible .
The wealth of the mineral ones and the proximity of the sea, have favored the fertility of the grounds of the zone: apricots, peaches, mulberries, the famous pomodorinis pachino and grapes appreciated that are cultivated, they have become some unique products that this earth gives us
The show of the brooms in flower, in spring, and the top covered of snow, that perfectly allows to perceive the line of the crater, in winter, they would be enough for electing the Vesuvius one of the 7 wonders of the world.

Source: Wikipedia