Procida, Ischia and Capri

The Phlegrean Fields stretch towards the sea, and the islands of Procida and Ischia are a demonstration of this.

Procida gently rises from the sea, while Ischia reaches 787 meters in height with Monte Epomeo.
The islands are very different, but have in common the vulcanic nature and the richness of the sea that embraces them.
Procida is more misterious and frequented by niche tourism, not exclusively in the summer time.
Procida has inspired many writers and has been the chosen spot for films such as “Il Postino”, Massimo Troisi’s last production.
A place called “Terra Murata” is the highest point in Procida and also the first urban nucleus.
Marina di Corricella, Punta Solchiaro, Chiaiolella beach, the natural reserve of Vivara are some of the many places to discover.

Ischia is larger and caotic, made of six little towns and able to satisfy different touristic demands: from trekking paths to scuba diving, from accomodations in the farms to night clubs on the sea.
Ischia is known for its thermal baths and is also called the green island for its luxuriance.
The Aragonese Castle, the Chiesa del Soccorso in Forio, the Sant’Angelo village, the green tufa architectures of Serrara Fontana are only some of the many beautiful places there are to visit.

Capri The blue island, a prolongation of the Sorrentine Peninsula, has inspired writers, poets and directors that have chosen the island for their films.
The combination of nature and culture, across a sea that varies from shades of blue to turquoise, make of Capri a destination not to miss.

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