Avellino and Irpinia

The ancient natives of this land are the Irpinians, descendents of the ancient Sannits.

Immersed in a beautiful natural scenery, Irpinia surprises the visitors thanks to the history of which it still today shows trace of: roman ruins, catacombs, longobardian castles, baroc monuments.

Avellino, surrounded by the Picentini Mountains and the Partenio, is its main center.

The damages of the 1980’s earthquake haven’t erased all the artistic and historical beauties of this area: the Roman Dome, the Clock Tower, the Longobardian Castle and the Borbonic Prison.

A few kilometers away there is Atripalda, where you can visit the archaeological area where the ancient Abellinum rose in Roman times.

Solfora and the Collegiate Church of San Michele Arcangelo as well as Mercogliano with the Montevergine Sanctuary are only some examples of the interesting places that one can visit in this area.

Source: Wikipedia