Church of St. Gregorio Armeno

The monastic complex, situated on one of the ancient Greek-Roman route, is a jewel of the Neapolitan baroque architecture.

Founded in the 8th century by the nuns of S.Basilio, who run away from the East with San Gregorio’s mortal remains, the monastery as connected through a bridge to that of S. Pantaleone (8th century).

Between 1572 and 1577 the architect V. della Monica rebuilt the convent; the Church was reconstructed on the project by G.B. Cavagna (1574-80).

In the lower part, the façade presents a railing with three trachytic rock boss arches and, in the upper part, with four Tuscan pilaster strips alternating big windows that lighten up the choir.

From the vestibule you enter the magnificent Della Monica cloister (1580).

In the middle, among the citrus trees, stand a marble fountain and the statues of Christ and of the Samaritan(1733) by Bottigliero.

The interior maintains a 14th century structure, enriched with splendid baroque decorations: a rectangular nave with lateral chapels and a flat apse.

The decorative splendour and the terrific golden engraved ceiling are striking.

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