Phlegrean Fields

A territory that has its roots in myth and that has conquered an important spot in history.

The “land of the fire”, of which Homer and Virgil wrote about, is an enormous vulcanic area created by numerous craters among which the only one still active is the Solfatara.

The other ones have had different life stories: the Averno crater is now a lake, Astroni and Monte Nuovo are now natural reserves, others lie on the sea floor.

The magmatic activity still goes on though, as the fumaroles and the thermal hot springs, that stretch from Agnano to Baia, testify.

Thermal baths are a tradition of the ancient Romans. Agnano was the first thermal baths area, then Pozzuoli and finally Baia, the most popular at Roman times.

A day at the thermal baths Stufe di Nerone, a visit of the Castle and of the Archaeological Park of Baia is a worthful gift.

Source: Wikipedia