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Chartreuse of San Martino | Hotel San Giuseppe
Chartreuse of San Martino

The magnificient Chartehouse, built in 1325 by Charles II of Naples, on the hill overlooking Naples, has gone through a complex architectonic and decorative series: the original Gothic structure has been modified through various renaissance, Baroque and rococo works and many painters, such as LanfrancoRibera,Battistello CaraccioloLuca Giordano, and sculptors Giuseppe Sanmartino and Domenico Antonio Vaccaro, gave life to various decorations.

Further changes were determined by the transformation of the complex in 1866 into the Museum of the city and of the Reign of Naples.

The great heritage collected shows the various aspects of Naples history and culture: there is a section dedicated to the images and memories of the city, with plans and views, a rich decorative art collection with chinaware, corals and ivories datable between 16th and 19th century, a section dedicated to theatre, feasts and costumes, a naval section, a unique 18th and 19th century nativity scene exhibition, among which the famous Presepe Cuciniello.

Noteworthy is also the “Quarto del Priore”, with its rich decorations, the cloisters and gardens of the Charterhouse.

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