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Benevento e il Sannio | Hotel San Giuseppe
Benevento and Sannio

Visiting Benevento is like a journey through history: the prehistoric and the Egyptian finds at the Museum of Sannio, Traiano’s Arch and the Roman theatre, the Dome and the Chiesa di Santa Sofia of Longobardian times, the undergrounds of the Prefectural Palace that host ARCOS, the contemporary art museum.

Benevento is a city where ancient and modern they harmonically cohabit together giving life to a very particular atmosphere, as in the medieval garden of the convent of the Dominican Fathers, the Hortus Conclusus, where the works of Mimmo Paladino converse with columns and ancient Roman capitals.

Great ferment cultural soul the city, is enough to think about the festival of theater Benevento Città show that has here center from the 1980. Place of traditions, legends and good culinary products: the filberts, the nougat, the hypocrites and not to lose the soup of the witches to base of vegetables and walnut-trees.

Source: Wikipedia